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Jennifer Schonborn, Holistic Nutrition Counselor


I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I received my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is the only nutrition school integrating all the different dietary theories—combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies with modern concepts like the USDA ChooseMyPlate, the glycemic index, the Paleo diet, and raw foods. 

In addition to counseling, I've done a bi-weekly nutrition column for AOL's ParentDish blog, and I've written about nutrition for Glamour.com and Examiner.com. I've been featured or quoted in Teen Vogue, Mashable, New York Family, Brooklyn Paper, and Park Slope Reader.

I received my BA from Wesleyan University and in a past life was an editor and writer for MTV and ELLE.com.

My office is located in Brooklyn, New York, in the Park Slope neighborhood--but I can work with you no matter where you live by phone or Skype.


"After several failed attempts to get my health and weight under control, I realized early this year that I needed to ask for help, since doing it on my own wasn't working. So I got a personal trainer, and found Jennifer, who I describe to others as being my "food therapist." It was incredibly cathartic to vocalize my issues with food, and it really helped me understand myself better. Jennifer is always prepared for each meeting, and after discussing your progress gives you these incredibly useful and enlightening tools and suggestions tailored to address your needs. Jen introduced me to remarkable new methods to handle not just food issues, but stress and sleep problems, among others. 

My biggest triumph with Jennifer was discovering my gluten sensitivity, which had been plaguing me with terrifying digestive issues for over a year. She put me on a food sensitivity diet for two weeks, and my life without gluten is now better than ever. Some people go years before they figure it out, but thanks to Jen, my suffering was cut short. 

All in all, I lost about 30 pounds while seeing Jennifer, and gained what I call a "food conscience." It's like a mini Jen in my ear, cheerleading me on and letting me know I can make the right decisions. Signing on with Jennifer is not like working with a traditional nutritionist. She really takes the time to help you help yourself, instead of creating meal plans and using a tape measure and in that way doing the work for you. Jennifer really is a counselor, and I promise your time with her will be quite enlightening and incredibly beneficial."

-Alison Stauver, Brooklyn, NY 

"On a warm day in early summer I found myself going through my old shorts trying to find a pair to wear, but no luck. Nothing fit. At 207 lbs. and with high cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure, and a general feeling of low energy--a long way from the 170 lbs. I was in my 20s--I decided it was time to do something. I met with Jen, not knowing if this was the answer, and also thinking I knew quite a bit about nutrition myself (I just wasn't practicing!). We met about twice a month for 12 sessions, and I got amazing results. I had my yearly physical about a month ago. My doctor was thrilled: My cholesterol was way down, blood pressure improved, and I was 29 lbs. lighter. I've been maintaining my weight at about 178 lbs. for the last few months. I feel so much better in every way. I have energy, a much-improved mood, and best of all, I feel so much better about myself. Working with Jen put me back on track. I learned so much about food and how it affects your body and mind, how great moderate exercise can be, and how painless doing all this actually was with Jen's direction and knowledge. I highly recommend her."

-Phillip Schneider, Brooklyn, NY

"My family found participating in Jen's customized 6-month program a really positive and rewarding experience. I had thought I would be the only one to benefit, but just seeing my 8-year-old son now thinking about the choices he makes when we go to the supermarket or when we eat out shows me just how much of a difference Jen has made in all our lives. Having such a knowledgeable, supportive, caring, and helpful nutrition counselor definitely made it easier for us to implement the necessary changes in our eating habits and other areas. Thank you, Jen, for opening up an entirely new world for us, and for helping me to reduce my stress level."

-Grace W., Brooklyn, NY

"Working with Jen for 6 months was a terrific experience. I had a huge change in my life(style) just prior to meeting her, and I was looking for someone or something to get me back on track. Once we started talking, she truly helped get not just my diet and food habits in check, but pretty much my day-to-day life as well. I've taken away some great long-term solutions to my food shopping, cooking, eating, sleeping, and exercise routines. I just feel overwhelmingly better all around compared to 6 months ago, and I really have Jen to thank for it."

-Joe Zweilich, Northport, NY

"I've always considered myself to be a pretty health-conscious person, but in my six months working with Jen, I realized I had a lot to learn. I had been recovered from an eating disorder for a couple years, but she helped me unravel some emotions that remained tied to eating and food. She also helped me to identify a food intolerance that was causing me digestive issues, bloating, and joint pain. The most important thing she taught me is that every body is different--we each have to figure out what makes us feel best."

-Liz J., New York, NY

"I originally signed up with Jennifer because my gastroenterologist said he couldn't help me after several tests revealed that all the pain, discomfort, and general GI distress I had been experiencing for what seemed like forever 'must just be IBS.' The anti-diagnosis was frustrating, and I knew there must be a way to control my symptoms, so I sought out a program that would address nutritional issues as well as my own issues around food. All my life, it seems that I have been struggling in one way or another with a sensitive stomach and/or my weight, and I had had enough.

I decided on the 6-month program with my fiancé, and not only was it a really good experience for me personally, but it did a lot for my fiancé and, I think, for our relationship. It was incredibly helpful to me to have him sitting there while I discussed my food issues and strategies with Jennifer, and for me to hear about what would be helpful to him in terms of getting healthier. After years of feeling like I needed to deal with my stomach issues alone, I suddenly had 2 people who were supporting me, and it was great, and I believe that it brought us closer together as a couple.

Jennifer helped me to determine what does and does not make me feel good every day, which was a major goal for me, and the results were pretty surprising. I also learned to become a 'natural' eater, which was something that had seemed completely beyond me, pretty much my entire life. After helping me to find foods I can eat comfortably, Jennifer introduced me to techniques for eating which led me to slowly learn how to sense when I am full. This was something I had never understood before, and was jealous of other people for knowing. It is such a relief to know that I am now truly in control of myself at meal times, and that this is something I will be able to rely on for the rest of my life."

-Giuliana, Brooklyn, NY

"I initially signed up with Jen because I was tired of wading through website after website of trendy diets, magic pill supplements, 25 minute beach workouts and cross fit insanity. I wanted to cut through all the crap and learn the absolute truth about how to eat healthy and get fit. I kept hearing about processed foods, organic foods, whole wheat, gluten free, juice press...etc., but didn't fully understand how they effected our bodies....until I worked with Jen. Jen answered my questions about these various foods, and taught me a whole lot more! Now, I eat healthier than I ever have, I sleep better, and I have more energy during the day than before I started the program. It's a program that I can stick to for the rest of my life because I'm not starving myself of any one thing. A key point that led me to work with Jen is the fact that she doesn't push vitamins and supplements. I had read during my research that some nutritionists will try to sell you supplements. Jen's approach was (is) based around proper diet and exercise and she doesn't try to sell you anything beyond that. I highly recommend using her."

-Cory M., Brooklyn, NY

"Every time I met with Jen I left feeling elated and excited about the changes that were happening in my life. The information and tips she gave are things that will stay with me forever, everything from trying new foods to stress-management techniques. I've developed a new appreciation that 'being healthy' is about much more than just the food you eat!

Half-way through the program, I went home to the Midwest for a holiday and my friends and family all commented that it looked like I was radiating happiness. It's true! I can say that this is the happiest I've ever been, and I attribute a lot of it to Jen's guidance."

-Chelsea D., Brooklyn, NY

"Jen was a very unexpected yet wonderful experience in my life. I met with Jen on a whim after seeing about her services in Brooklyn Based. I didn't know what to expect but before I knew it I had agreed to meet with Jen for 6 months and it completely changed my life--and I don't use that phrase lightly. I would highly recommend using Jen if you want to reshape the way, why, and how of the foods you eat. Not only did she teach me about what foods were best, how to plan a meal, and nutritional education, she taught me about a whole other side of nutrition that includes your body, mind, and spirit and how these work together to make you healthier and stronger if you listen and respect them. I have learned so much from Jen including how to eat better, how to shop for food, different recipes to cook, and how important exercise, sleep, and meditation are for your overall health and happiness. If you're even remotely thinking about changing your eating habits or are just curious about nutrition, stop thinking and see Jen right now. You won't regret it." 

-Rebecca Ambrose, Brooklyn, NY

"When I started seeing Jennifer I was suffering from severe gastritis, and struggling with food limitations due to Celiac Disease. I was in constant pain and practically living off of kefir and bananas. I had become afraid of food because everything that I was 'supposed' to be eating (fresh fruits and vegetables) triggered my gastritis. I was starting to believe I would be in pain the rest of my life. I wanted to try a natural approach to healing my stomach, but dreaded that would mean being forced to try foods that more than likely would cause me pain. But feeling like I was at my wits end is what made me decide to give Jennifer a try, and I am so glad that I did.

Jennifer has a way of listening to your issues and nudging you to try different things without being too forceful. If one thing doesn’t work for you, she comes right back, nudging you towards a different possible solution. While doing the 6 month program I discovered that adding greens every day is not difficult, and that my daughter absolutely loves them. I learned that it is important to be mindful of how the foods you eat affect your body. I have also learned that it is important to be mindful of how factors other than food can affect your health. As a person having dealt with being overweight since childhood, it was greatly appreciated that I was not forced to make losing weight the main focus of my healing. The focus was never on a number on a scale, but instead on how I felt or how my clothes were fitting. While addressing the issue of the pain and which foods might be causing it the weight started, and continues, to come off.  

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to work on their relationship with food. Her methods will definitely steer you in the right direction."

-Shana Hunter, Brooklyn, NY

“I came to Jen because I was having some digestive issues - I have chronic reflux that I had a hard time controlling, but I could tell there were some other things going on, too. Like most people, I was also looking to lose some weight. I did the three month program and it was perfect. We sorted through to find food sensitivities and cleaned up some lifestyle habits that seemed innocent but weren't. I feel so much better now! I've lost weight, but even more, I have energy, I sleep less, and all my digestive problems are gone. 

I'd say the best thing about Jen is that she's not there to judge you for your bad habits (chocolate anyone?), and she wants you to live like a normal, healthy human being. There's no regimented scheme that makes you feel like you can't be flexible (ie. the diets that boast no carbs, or no fat, no alcohol, etc). She basically guides you to reasonably incorporate health into your daily regime, rather than make drastic changes that you couldn't possibly maintain for the rest of your life. We looked at what my day to day life was like, and then went from there. 

If you'd like to sanely feel better and lose weight in a way that doesn't feel like hard work or limiting, I would definitely see Jen.”

-S.M., Brooklyn, NY

“My husband and I were recommended to Jennifer through a friend and were not disappointed. I've long had stomach issues and after countless doctors never could identify the culprit. Jennifer solved it! She was kind, smart, and thoughtful with each visit. She was also very diligent with all the follow up and notes. I highly recommend her!”

-Jaclyn L., Brooklyn, NY

"I remember having Jennifer's brochure on my desk for months meaning to call her and set up an appointment. One day I was just feeling so desperate, eating all kinds of unhealthy stuff, like Cool Whip, diet butter, and a lot of fake food from my Weight Watchers days. I just needed someone to tell me what was going to be good for me, keep me satisfied, and nourish my body without gaining (and hopefully losing) weight. Well, I made the call and am so glad I did. Eating well is no longer a mystery to me. Jennifer's program gently but methodically got me to eat foods I love and that are also good for me ... I haven't suffered a bit. I recommend her highly if you want to do something good for your body and feel good as well."

-Barbara Scharf, Brooklyn, NY

"When I first met with Jennifer my stomach was a mess. Clearly something with my digestion was wrong but I was at a loss to figure out what was happening. I felt terrible after pretty much every meal I ate, I was having issues with heartburn which had never previously been a problem for me and my stomach was bloated nearly all of the time. Feeling terrible all of the time made it hard for me to take care of myself, or even feel good about my body. Jennifer and I worked together to figure out what the culprit might be, and I can honestly say that after just a few months in, I never had any of these issues again. I've been feeling great, I identified my digestive issues, and I feel much more healthy overall. I think the mindfulness exercises helped me to be less stressed out about what was happening and learning to relax has certainly contributed to my feeling better. Thanks to Jennifer, I also put more effort into taking care of myself, and I know I'm on the path to a lifetime of health and better habits."

-Emily, Brooklyn, NY

“I came to Jennifer full of frustration and fear because of a sudden and severe gluten intolerance that had developed three years ago. I was following a healthy--or so I thought--gluten-free diet, but I wasn't feeling well at all, and I was scared that the problem was just going to worsen and continue to negatively affect my life. Jennifer patiently listened while I poured out my story, then calmly and supportively helped me get to the root of the problem. The week-long detox diet revealed that corn was also wreaking havoc in my body, but with her encouragement I began adding all sorts of gluten- and corn-free whole foods into my diet. She made me realize that my dietary limitations are not such a big deal, and as a result, I've been able to run another marathon--something I never thought would happen again! I whole-heartedly recommend her!”

-Elizabeth G., Brooklyn, NY

"The sessions with Jen have changed the way I approach food, stress, and life in general. Jen helped me make healthier food choices and focus on portion control. She was very supportive and flexible, adjusting the curriculum to custom fit my needs. I wanted to figure out whether I had any food intolerances, and with her help, I figured out that I am very intolerant of dairy and mildly intolerant of gluten. She even helped me wean myself off of a nasty simple carbohydrates addiction and rein in my out-of-control cravings. It is amazing how I no longer crave white flour, and I was astonished at how easily I accomplished it with Jen's help. Jen gave me challenging but manageable goals for each session, and while I did not always manage to achieve them each time, Jen was very understanding and worked with me to figure out why I did not reach those goals. She was also great at helping me manage my hectic schedule while I went through multiple job changes with useful hints on how to prioritize my life and reduce stress. With her guidance, I am on my way to losing 15 pounds and feeling the best I have ever felt in my life. Thank you so much for your help, Jen!"

-Mariko, Brooklyn, NY

"I was looking for a nutritionist to help me through this phase where I was the heaviest weight I'd every been and my metabolism is no longer what it once was.  I chose Jen because she was not about unsustainable diets, but rather lifestyle changes.  She helped me understand how to make the proper food choices when grocery shopping and planning meals for the week.  She helped me break bad habits, and learn how to make conscientious choices when eating.  In the 3 months I worked with Jen, I lost 10 lbs and am still on the path to achieving my goal weight. I found that I trained myself to eat right and am much happier and feel so much better.  Jen is a very good listener and individualized a plan that was right for me.  I would highly recommend Jen if you are looking to get on the right track to nutritional health and overall well-being."

Carol P., Brooklyn, NY

"I recently completed the six month program with Jennifer and I am so glad that I did.  I went to Jennifer when I was feeling fatigued and experiencing lots of joint and muscle pain and just feeling older than my 54 years.  I knew that this was likely related to my eating habits and although I had lost some weight in the prior year, I knew there was more I could be doing.  

Under Jennifer's guidance and support I followed a mostly gluten-free diet and my muscle pain resolved and my joint pain is mostly gone.  I honestly did not believe that this change would make such a difference but I can say that it worked for me and I am now a big fan and believer!

Jennifer's program is not just about diet but lifestyle too.  She helped me open up to trying new foods (I now love sauerkraut!!), helped me understand why I crave certain foods (mostly junk food) and also instructed me on a host of stress-reducing activities many of which I have incorporated into my life.  I have learned to be much more mindful of what I am eating and also why I am eating it.  This has been the biggest and most important lesson for me.

I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone that is looking for a kind, nonjudgmental coach that will help you learn more about food, diet and the importance of sleep and less stress in their lives. I see Jennifer almost as a life coach but with a focus on nutrition."

-Kathleen F., Brooklyn, NY

"Jennifer taught me how to feed and care for my family (myself included) in ways I had always thought were beyond my grasp.  I had resigned myself to a sugary diet for my older son with special needs who would eat nothing else, ordering takeout three to four days out of the week, and endless variations on egg/cheese/bread for my vegetarian husband who ate no vegetables.  When my son came home with 10 cavities after a traumatic dentist visit, I knew it was time for a change.

Within two weeks of our first appointment, I was able to cook mostly at home, shop for the entire week (an achievement my husband likens to splitting the atom), get my older son to try new foods, and learned how to prepare vegetables deliciously.  I had also resigned myself to getting colds 3-6 times a year and have not been sick once since our first session in early March. Simply put, Jennifer has changed my life."

-Jill M., Brooklyn, NY

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Jennifer. She truly listened to what I was saying and gave me interesting challenges to see how my body was reacting to different foods. I never felt as though I was being judged or told to do something that would be a huge change in my daily life. Through the program I gained a large amount of knowledge about food and diet. I have lost a large amount of weight without having to change my life style, just make more thoughtful choices. I highly recommend her services. Thank you for everything!"

-Allie K., Brooklyn, NY

“Jennifer is the real deal. There is so much misinformation about what is truly healthy food, but Jennifer helped cut through all the misconceptions and set up a diet that works for me and my family.  I have limited time and find I have a hard time keeping to a regimen. Jennifer was like my nutrition trainer helping me with everything from trying new healthy recipes to setting weekly and daily goals. She always set me up to succeed with doable milestones catered to my specific needs. When I first started to see her I was in a rut. But in the first few weeks, I felt like I was making progress and I've never looked back. Highly effective and highly recommended! Thanks Jennifer!”

-Nick P., Brooklyn, NY

“Jennifer helped me become more conscious of my eating and drinking patterns and relate them to the ups and downs I go through. With this new perspective and Jennifer's guidance I was able to identify sources of imbalance in my lifestyle, make some simple changes, and feel not just healthier but more in control of my well-being--along the way putting an end to a troublesome skin condition. I now have more energy and more confidence that my body is getting what it needs. I especially liked the fact that Jennifer was always listening and taking my personal experiences into consideration. I felt that at each session Jennifer and I were working together to solve problems and get better and better results.”

-Lex, Brooklyn, NY

"I first heard about Jennifer Schonborn through a co-worker of mine. We often spoke about health and fitness at work. I described my struggle with losing weight and desire to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  She told me about how she had a very positive experience from Jennifer's nutritional program. I can say now after completing the 6 month program with Jen that it has truly changed my life for the better. I have never felt so happy, healthy, and, most importantly, in control of my life. I learned that by closely examining my choices with eating and by making healthier lifestyle decisions, I am finally seeing the positive results I've been seeking for so long! I have never felt so energetic and optimistic. Thank you Jen!"

-Linda L., Brooklyn, NY

"Jen has truly helped me to change the way I look at food and my body. I am 30 years old, and I spent more than half of my life with disordered eating patterns and fluctuating weight. Prior to meeting with Jen, I was having strange health problems related to my diet and stress levels. Her detox helped me figure out what the symptoms were coming from. She encouraged me to begin a yoga program that has changed my stress levels immensely. Now, I no longer have overwhelming food cravings, my disordered eating has (fingers crossed) completely subsided, and most importantly, I am healthy!"

-Lisa Snyder, Brooklyn, NY

"When I first went to see Jen I was very scared of food, and my relationship with food was very poor. As I started to see her more often, I began to lose my fear. Now I enjoy my foods, which I feel has helped me metabolize the food better. Another brilliant change that happened in my health was that after learning so much about leafy greens and healthy eating, my t-cell count went from 346 to 1800--this is the happiest news I got from my doctor. 

I'm now 150 pounds; when I first began to see Jen I was 174 pounds, so I lost a total of 24 pounds. And the most beautiful thing is that I've been able to keep it off."

-Devorah, Astoria, NY

"I truly enjoyed going through Jen's program. I ultimately lost 20 pounds and gained energy and lightness. Most important for me, though, was examining my relationship with food. It was illuminating discussing with Jen how certain foods made me feel physically and emotionally. I loved having the mental exercises and Jen’s advice and suggestions for the various ways I could take care of myself. Thinking through the impact of stress and how it affected me physically and mentally was a critical part of the program for me, and allowed me to get to the next step of eating for sustenance and not to make me feel better emotionally. Finally, I loved receiving her care packages--each one contained a fun new discovery."

-Laurie, Brooklyn, NY

"I decided to see Jennifer because after suffering from chronic fatigue for over a year, I had had enough. After my free consultation with her, she convinced me to sign on to her program and stated that she would encourage me through the next six months, and through diet and exercise, we'd be able to figure out the problem together. We did just that. She encouraged me to do her detox program, and I immediately saw progress in my state of mind and energy levels. As I re-introduced my body to certain foods again, I realized that I had gluten sensitivity. Throughout the six months, Jennifer helped me to push through my mental obstacles and realize that diet and exercise do play a large role in internal happiness. I can now function on a daily basis off seven hours of sleep as opposed to sixteen hours, which is what I used to need in order to get the day going. I am addicted to exercise now and do it at least six times a week. I have discovered that I can have small amounts of gluten and still be okay, but I now know my limits and have learned how to read my body and the signals it gives when it needs certain foods."

-Farrah Unger, Brooklyn, NY

"The reason I began to consult Jen was because I had gotten to the place in life where I wanted to not only lose weight, but make some permanent lifestyle changes so that I could stop the gaining and losing  cycles I had always been on. I am also increasingly aware of the physical effects of an overweight body, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. I don't want to have to begin taking one pill after another.

I had met her personally, and what impressed me was that she seemed 'real' in that she really 'walked the walk.' Through our conversations, I was able to become more and more conscious of what was motivating poor eating habits. Also, the variety of little tips helped me to see how what I eat does affect not only how I feel, but also what I am craving. But I worried that in the short time we spent, her advice and consul wouldn't 'stick.'

I had a lot of 'aha' moments, but the biggest one was when I just nonchalantly commented that I had given up counting calories--for the first time in my LIFE! Then I realized that the reason I had given up counting was because I was confident that if I were eating properly, and conscious of how I was feeling (full or stuffed or just right), I didn’t need that external enforcement. This was huge.

We reach maturity when we can internalize morals and right behaviors. It was through our conversations that Jennifer helped me to finally grow up not only in eating habits but also in self-confidence and worth."

-Nancy Malloy, Lake Geneva, WI

“As a 67 year old woman, my eating habits were pretty well established before I started working with Jennifer. Pretty quickly I discovered I could look and feel a lot better by paying attention to what I consumed. Working with Jennifer was both enjoyable and unbelievably informative. Within one month she had completely changed my eating patterns for the healthier. I find I am enjoying what I eat, respecting and honoring the effects of food on my body, and I have developed an awareness of how I react to different kinds of food. I feel more energized and I think it may have also affected my moods for the better.”  

-Sara A., Brooklyn, NY

"I'm really glad I stopped by to talk to Jen at my work's health fair back in the Fall. Taking her 6-month program has been one of the most valuable 'courses' I've ever taken. It's so nice to have all the info I needed to make meaningful changes in my life provided to me each week in an easy to understand and practice manner. I was able to find out more about how I see food in my life and make tweaks to make life better and richer. I lost weight, learned to plan my meals, added small but healthy changes to my daily life, learned about myself (not just food wise) and how to improve my quality of life overall. I highly recommend it!"

-Luiza R., New York, NY

"Jen is a lovely woman who is wildly knowledgeable about food and nutrition. She's not judgmental, which I really appreciated. Her style and manner are warm and approachable. She really taught me which foods I should be eating every day and which to avoid. Very glad I hired her."

-Sylvia W., Brooklyn, NY 

"We saw Jennifer with our seven-year-old daughter. Jennifer was wonderful with her, making her feel comfortable and engaging her immediately. Over our time together, our daughter learned about the importance of whole foods, greens, grains, mindful eating and eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. She enjoyed the time together and was anxious to implement what she had learned immediately upon leaving each session. She also loved the weekly gifts Jennifer would surprise her with. The whole family has made positive changes coming out of the time with Jennifer: we no longer rely on processed foods for convenience, we are cooking more and eating more together at the table as a family, and we make daily use of the techniques for healthier eating and living that Jennifer shared with us. While we thought our daughter would resist making changes, she has in fact embraced them and feels wonderful about the direction in which she is headed with eating and health. We are delighted that in place of breakfast cereal, mac & cheese, and veggie nuggets, our daughter now asks for oatmeal, brown rice, and roast chicken!"

-R.L., Brooklyn, NY

"After interviewing various nutritionists, I decided on Jennifer because she is easy-going and really listens to her client's needs. I learned a tremendous amount of information by working with her not only about nutrition, but about myself and my own habits. She really highlighted the mind/body connection which brought things full circle for me. Since working with Jen, I eat healthier foods and more mindfully. Together, we uncovered a food-related intolerance that years of doctors' visits could not detect. Finally, I always felt refreshed and energized after a session with her and ready to incorporate all the new things I'd learned. I highly recommend Jen as a nutritionist if you're seeking weight loss in a healthy, holistic manner. Your body (and mind) will thank you for it." 

-Maya Tsekenis, Brooklyn, NY

"Jennifer proved to be very useful in helping me to recognize the issues I have with food and identify specific steps to help me rectify them. Her approach of taking manageable weekly steps resonated with me and I believe would with many others who see health and weight loss as an unconquerable, all-or-nothing challenge. I also appreciated that she was able to put my situation in perspective; when I would regress one week and not doing my cooking or gain back a pound or 'cheat' she reminded me that it's impossible to change 27 years' worth of habits in 3 weeks and that it's just as important to be patient with myself as it is to stick to the plan and recommendations that she outlined. I highly recommend Jennifer's services."

-Caroline, Astoria, NY

"Working with Jen was eye-opening and illuminating. Through our sessions, my attitudes towards food and towards my own body were slowly but surely challenged and turned around. I tried many new foods, became more adventurous and sure of my own cooking, and also more organized in my approach to grocery shopping, food planning and preparation, and overcame the ennui of cooking for one.

Jen is an incredibly patient, encouraging, and gentle counselor. She broke up the daunting challenge of losing weight into manageable steps, and now, months after our last session, I think of her advice almost daily and often refer back to my notes. A few extra pounds no longer send me into a spiral of defeatism and despair--rather, I feel that by changing just a few things I can get back on track, without the need for radical diets."

-Paula, Brooklyn, NY 

"Working with Jen helped me take a vague desire to be healthier and turn it into an actionable, step-by-step plan. She helped me think about my health in a more holistic way, and I've learned to pay closer and more nuanced attention to my physical and emotional responses to all kinds of foods, situations, and environments - in short, to be more self-aware across the board. Months after our formal client engagement, I still constantly use the processes and approaches that she helped me to implement - both in the kitchen and out of it!"

-Mailande Moran, Durham, NC

"I learned quite a lot from Jen during my time with her. Together we looked at several poor habits and she supported me in altering them in a way that didn't make me feel judged or "bad." She is a tremendous cheerleader and draws from many traditions in discovering what was the best fit for me. I looked forward to the gifts each session, which helped me to physically carry some of our new ideas into my life away from her table. The holistic approach allowed me to take into consideration what was beyond the food when it came to my eating habits. Several of the ideas we discussed have become a mainstay of my daily diet and daily life."

-J.L., Brooklyn, NY

"Jennifer is a holistic nutrition counselor with her feet firmly planted in reality. If you've dealt with anyone in the alternative health care industry, you know what I mean! She's down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and tailors the program to your needs. I had several lightbulb moments while working with Jennifer--especially that the food you eat does truly affect how you feel. Growing up in a very Italian family, my meals consisted of carbs and sauce. I have started eating green vegetables daily and know how to cook them so my boyfriend even eats them! Thanks so much, Jennifer, for your support, kindness, and for allowing me the chance to learn that what we eat, as well as how we treat ourselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, can have a positive, powerful, and sustainable effect on our lives."

-Elfe Cimicata, Philadelphia, PA

"Working with Jennifer reaffirmed my commitment to healthy living. While I knew the basics regarding healthy eating, Jennifer provided so many helpful resources and suggestions to tweak my daily habits. She emphasized always being mindful and provided a unique view of healthy living that did not require counting calories or deprivation. In addition to losing weight, I also have learned to incorporate exercise into my daily routine and have expanded my repertoire of gluten-free recipes. I enthusiastically recommend Jennifer."

-Eve H., Brooklyn, NY

"When I first came to Jen I had a lot of ideas about what healthy meant but wasn't putting them into practice very well. She had a great approach--first adding things in, then increasing joy in small ways, thinking about creativity, balance, energy, and its connection to food. She helped me slow down, become more mindful when eating, become more thoughtful with my time and find ways to better balance it all. She helps to figure out what is best for you. Jen also worked with my husband and helped him to figure out his food allergies and how to manage them. Jen has an easy way of being; she is very nurturing and quick to laugh. She has helped my family become happier and healthier in a gentle way and with a generous spirit."

-K. D., Brooklyn, NY

"I was totally impressed by Jennifer's passion for helping her clients to achieve their goals, and appreciated her depth of knowledge and obvious preparation for our sessions. Thanks to Jennifer I've discovered healthy food options that I actually like. Now my energy level has improved tremendously, I'm continuing to lose weight, I'm excited about working out, and I even look forward to eating my veggies."

-N. Cummings, Brooklyn, NY

"My thought in starting with Jen was that no one ever reaches peak performance in anything without a coach. This is true in sports, music, business ... so why not health? Paying Jen to coach me on eating and living healthy in general accomplished just that. Instead of years of broken promises to myself, I made good changes that stuck. Measurable, too ... 180 to 160 lbs. in six months."

-Dan Hoffman, Brooklyn, NY

"Working with Jennifer was a wonderful experience. She is caring about her clients. With her nutritional guidance, I have lost weight, my acid reflux problem has been greatly reduced, and I make healthier food choices when I shop at the supermarket. What I like most about Jennifer is that she shows an interest in every little thing you tell her. She takes time to listen to what you have to say and gives great advice. I highly recommend her."

-Janet Calcaterra, Queens, NY

"Jen opened my eyes to a vast range of healthy eating possibilities. I expected a rigid and controlling program, since that was the only experience I had had with diets in the past, but Jen's approach was never didactic. She made healthy eating seem like a process, not a set of rigid rules. Addressing many different facets of my food issues, she was still supportive even when I went off track, and the 6-month time span of her program allowed different problems to come up over the months. Her suggestions affected not just my own eating habits, but the eating habits of those around me, who often agreed with the changes she recommended. Jen has started me on a path toward radically changing the way I eat and the way I feel."

-Anna B., Brooklyn, NY

"I love putting on my dress slacks and skirts in the morning and having the leftover waist band. I need to move down to a smaller size. There was no dieting involved with Jen--I lost 7 lbs. without even trying! I am no longer bingeing on candy and sweets. For some reason I don't have the desire. I used to be thinking of my next meal/snack all the time, however, my cravings have been curbed and food is in a better place in my list of priorities now."

-Charlee Miller, New York, NY

"Jen's program brought me to a level of being proactive vs. reactive about my health. Before Jen's program, hunger was annoying to me--it was something that interrupted my life and got in the way of what I needed to get done each day. Now I look at hunger as another opportunity to nourish my body. I couldn't have gotten to that point without Jen giving me the tools I needed to make informed decisions about my eating habits. The knowledge she gave me changed my behavior, and the behavior changes resulted in many gains in my overall wellness. I feel better, take care of myself better, and have lost weight too!"

-Kristin Greenslit, New York, NY

"Jennifer helped me pay attention to what, when, and how I was eating, and notice the effects food had on how I felt throughout each day. I feel educated about the way my body responds to particular foods and how to make smarter choices in terms of health and energy. The best part about the way Jen works with you is how the little changes become permanent without you noticing or struggling. It felt easy and like this will stick with me for life."

-Rebecca DuMoulin, Los Angeles, CA

"I signed up to participate in Jennifer's weeklong detox program, hoping that it would help me to lose a few pounds, reset my eating habits, and identify any hidden food sensitivities. My fears of being hungry and losing energy were unfounded--I felt sated and had enough energy to keep up with my busy schedule thanks to Jennifer's support. I lost 5 pounds over the course of the detox week and my adult acne cleared up, and I lost 4 more pounds in the weeks after the detox. My plan is to keep the weight off and my skin clear by following the healthy holistic diet and lifestyle that Jennifer promotes."

-Lena Pietri, Plainville, CT

"I thought the detox week was going to be a daunting task, but soon found out it was unbelievably easy to follow. I never felt hungry, tired, or deprived of food. The detox provided me with the direction I needed to maintain healthy eating habits. Within days I began losing weight, having more energy, my sense of taste and smell improved, and others noticed the glow of my complexion and shine in my hair! After 7 days, I lost a total of 6 lbs. After speaking with Jen (who was so helpful with questions and guidance throughout the detox), I have decided to continue the detox for another week ... maybe longer. This experience was definitely a life-changing event with awesome benefits. Thanks Jen!"

-Anita Bergoderi, Oakville, CT

"As a result of working with Jennifer, I am much more conscious of my behavior and the choices I am making; I now have 'tools' to use to work toward lasting behavioral change. I am making better food choices, and I'm now much better at coping with emotional ups and downs. In addition to the technical advice and the excellent materials Jennifer provided, she was particularly good at summarizing a complex set of issues related to emotions, eating, and health and then providing actionable ways of characterizing the problem and the solution. I really appreciated her listening carefully to all dimensions of the issues I raised."

-Pat R., New York, NY

"While working with Jen, I was able to consider how different aspects of my life--work, family, relationships--were affecting my health and my eating habits. In addition to being a great listener, Jen was able to provide lots of concrete tips and strategies for making positive changes in my life. After working with Jen, I feel much more empowered to make healthier decisions and to take control of my health and nutrition."

-Hannah Kane, Brooklyn, NY

"Jen's informed guidance and helpful suggestions have allowed me to make small changes to my daily life. The holistic approach ensures that my goals actually make sense for my own lifestyle, as opposed to so many diets or exercise routines that aren't organic, and are therefore impossible to maintain. Jen tackles counseling and questions without judgment or nagging--also a relief! With so much contradictory information out there, particularly about food, Jen distills it all, and provides constructive advice."

-Kate A., Los Angeles, CA

"Jennifer helped me kick my sugar and caffeine habits, opened my eyes to new veggies and grains, and made insightful connections between nutrition and everything else in my life. I was amazed by the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Our sessions never failed to be informative, interesting, and fun."

-Barbara Spindel, Brooklyn, NY

"Jennifer has been very supportive and has done a wonderful job keying in on my specific needs and wants. I feel that I received a program tailor-made for me and that she didn't try to cram me into a fixed program. I am sleeping better and have more energy. I am cooking more and having a blast trying new things. Eating healthy foods is a lot easier and tastier than I ever imagined!"

-Karen Baleshiski, Southington, CT

"I sought out Jen’s help to get healthy, to be able to sustain my health without using the medication my doctor prescribed, and to lose weight. She was just the support I needed."

-Carla D., Old Bridge, NJ

"My experience with Jennifer was the best thing I've done in a long time. She got me to think about everything I eat, to read ingredients, and change the way I thought about food. I no longer consume or buy anything that contains artificial sweeteners or ingredients. I eat more organic and natural foods, and my husband and I enjoy finding new and healthy recipes to try. Jennifer is very professional and easy to talk to, never judgmental, and always encouraging."

-Joan Bailin, Wellington, FL

"Fabulous program! The results of Jennifer's program had a very positive impact on my daily diet. She introduced me to new and exciting information about the foods I eat and taught me how to bring more calm into each day. I loved our bi-monthly one-hour talks, which were very motivational. You're the best, Jen!"

-Tamara Schneider, La Quinta, CA

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